Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia


Weekly Roundup: dyscalculia. Image: Stack of newspaper on street from barnimages.com.

Weekly Roundup: dyscalculia. Image: Stack of newspaper on street from barnimages.com.

This week´s headlines start on a cheerful note: a team of middle school students designed and patented their own invention for helping students with dyscalculiaHuffington Post ran this article on a competition hosted by FIRST, an organization that supports STEM programs in schools. The competition ended with team that placed first visiting the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to celebrate their winning patent with a ceremony.

The winners, Team Storm, developed software that helps dyslexics to learn math and could also be used by students with dyscalculia. Devon Langley, 13 years old and a member of the winning team, wrote the following of his experience in the competition:

My favorite part of developing our invention was getting to meet with children and adults who struggle with dyslexia. We learned that they are really smart and creative people, and this motivated us to create something to give these kids more success with math.

Runner-ups and past winners are also described in detail in the article and make for a fascinating read. Read more.

Over at Understood.org, blogger Savannah Treviño describes her experience of school and learning as a dyscalculic. Her inspiring story of her journey to higher education despite her learning disability is refreshing for those who struggle to find information on dyscalculia. In her blog post Treviño concludes:

In the future, I know I will have to work smarter and harder than others because of my learning disability. But I also know that I will continue to embrace my dyscalculia as an important part of who I am. (Read more.)


Looking for more discussion on dyscalculia? Check out the tumblr blog Let´s Talk Dyscalculia. The blog is a personal account of dealing with dyscalculia and features conversation and comments with and and from readers. If you want a glimpse into what living with dyscalculia is like, this is a place to start.

For keeping up with news on dyscalculia around the web, visit the site Dyscalculia Headlines. Featured items include not just recent news but links to general information and useful websites.

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