Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia


If anyone can understand the challenges faced by children with dyslexia, it´s someone who grew up dyslexic. Robert Lawrence, an 18-year old student who popped up in the dyslexia headlines this week, is such a someone. He not only remembers the difficulty of growing up with dyslexia, he wants to help those kids who are going through it now.

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Robert´s main source of help when he was young was the Children´s Dyslexia Centre in Peoria, the Illinois town where he is from. When the centre ran out of funding, Robert decided to help raise the funds so the place could stay open. Drawing on his love of running, he founded “Robert´s Run” and raised thousands of dollars for the centre. With this and donations from other sources, the centre will be able to reopen. Read more about how one teenager helped make a difference in the lives of children with dyslexia.

The next headline is a little more controversial. British professor Julian Elliott on an August trip to New Zealand tossed off the idea that the term “dyslexia” should be got rid of altogether. According to Elliot, there are too many different symptoms associated with reading difficulties that have come to be called dyslexia. Elliot was prepared to discuss his ideas in meetings with the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand. The Ministry of Education responded with the comment that in any case “dyslexia” should not be a label but rather a “call to action”. Read more.


This week the discuss: dyslexia, dyscalculia blog is focusing on resources for adults with dyslexia. Not all dyslexics are diagnosed as children. For those looking for a list of symptoms in adults, head over the Dyslexia Reading Well´s page on Adult Dyslexia.

We really like this resource from DyslexiaScotland.org.uk. Scroll down past the links for parents and teachers and you´ll find guides on such concrete topics as applying for jobs as a dyslexic and university study advice.

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