Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia


pencil notebookWe’ve mentioned Decoding Dyslexia in a previous blog post focusing on ways to get involved as an activist for people with dyslexia. In that post we introduced the organisation in general: a grassroots movement of parents pushing for more intervention for dyslexia in public schools. This week’s headline focuses on Decoding Dyslexia Iowa and the group’s efforts in Ames County in particular. Check out the article to get a brief glimpse into how parents of dyslexics are making a difference in education for their children. Read more.

More parental involvement is featured in this article from the Minnesota Star Tribune. A father to a dyslexic boy has founded a super PAC to promote dyslexia activism. Super PACs may be familiar from the world of politics. These groups, supposedly independent from specific candidates but naturally aligned with one or the other, can raise as much money as they like. Surely it is more inspiring to read of this mechanism being used to help dyslexics rather than politicians. Read more.


If you have a child or student who is having difficulties in school, read through this article from the Suaharita Sun. Featuring advice from a school psychologist, the article gives an overview of the different types of accommodations available to students who are struggling in school.

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