Weekly Roundup: Learning Disabilities


Dybuster weekly roundup learning disabilitiesA month ago the U.S. Senate voted to designate October National Dyslexia Awareness Month (read more). The news was greeted with enthusiasm on blogs and social media accounts focused on learning differences. That was balanced last week by this article in the Huffington Post by Jessica R. Toste. A sobering look at education equality, the article argues the need for not only inclusion for individuals with learning disabilities, but also the special educational resources they require to succeed. From the article:

…the supplemental instruction required by students with learning disabilities needs to be delivered in smaller group sizes…[but] one should not misinterpret the demand for specialised instruction as dismissive of the critical importance of inclusive schooling.

Toste argues that the push for inclusive schooling has sometimes resulted in students with learning disabilities being unable to keep up in the general classroom. What are your experiences with inclusive schooling? Thoughts and comments? Read more.


If the details of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) are difficult to navigate, hop over to the Edmentum blog and this post on learning disabilities classifications. The article gives a detailed overview of the categories of learning disabilities as defined by IDEA. A diagnosis within one of these categories paves the way to an in-depth evaluation and an individualised education plan.

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