Weekly Roundup: Educational Technology


pencilsThe Edmentum blog has been running a series of posts on special education and last week featured an article on educational technology in special education. The article gives an overview of various aspects of learning that have been affected by technological developments and how this has impacted special education. Check out this quote from the post’s author Winnie O’Leary regarding individualized learning:

Personalized learning is the true value of technology for special education—it allows for a unique learning path to be created for every child, based upon the unique situation and needs.

As the programs developed by Dybuster are designed to give students a customized independent learning experience, this thought from O’Leary mirrored our own convictions on the importance of technology in allowing each child to learn according to his or her needs. Read more.


What types of technology exist for use in special education? What resources best suit which learning differences? EdTechReview has a listing of types of learning disabilities and the kinds of software and other tools that could be used to address these disabilities in the classroom. Read more.

To our teacher readers: what types of educational technologies do you use in your own classrooms?

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