Top 5 Dyslexia Websites

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Looking for some top quality dyslexia resources? Check out this list of top five sites culled from our favourites!
This site aims to further understanding and awareness of a range of learning differences, including dyslexia. From symptoms to treatments to guidance on talking to your child about dyslexia, this site is a must-visit for dyslexics and their families.

Dyslexic Advantage Blog
A veritable wealth of current information on dyslexia, including federal guidelines for student accommodations, this blog also features inspiring figures with dyslexia. These latter run the gamut from an MIT professor to Mark Ruffalo. Bonus points for a post featuring the one and only Winnie the Pooh. 🙂
How can you resist that name? The Codpast features podcasts on a host of topics from why dyslexics make great secret agents to more education-centered stories for parents.

Dyslexia Help
From the University of Michigan, this site provides useful lists of apps for dyslexia and assistive technology and software. Especially good for locating practical technological aids for learning differences.

Dyslexia Headlines
For keeping up with all the latest dyslexia news, this site is invaluable. A steady stream of news stories that relate to dyslexia appears in the site’s blog stream.

This list definitely is not exhaustive; there are too many great sites out there! What are your favorite dyslexia websites? We are in the middle of re-designing our own dyslexia learning games site; stay tuned for a new look soon!