Weekly Roundup: EdTech, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia


weekly roundup edtech dyscalculia dyslexiaCheck out this interesting report on competitive edtech grants from Education Week. Certain school districts in the U.S. are trying out programs whereby teachers pitch their ideas in a competitive process to gain funding for educational technology. Rather than distributing the available funds to all classrooms, only teachers who successfully apply are awarded grants.

The process is supposed to further innovation and encourage teachers who visions on how to use educational technology in their classrooms. On the other hand, this could limit funds to teachers who already have a flair for tech rather than encouraging use of educational technology throughout a school. What do you think of this approach? Add your thoughts to the comments or read more here.

For those with an interest in dyscalculia, there has been a new study released on the area of the brain involved in visual number processing. Researchers at Jena University in Germany used MRI scans to link this processing to a portion of both brain hemispheres. Read more.


Our big resource this week is our list of Top 5 dyslexia websites posted on Tuesday. Have a look at our favorite online resources for dyslexics and feel free to add your own in the comments!

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