Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia


A dyslexic employee won a disability discrimination case against Starbucks, the BBC reported this week. The employee, Meseret Kumulchew, had been accused of falsifying work documents after she mistakenly entered wrong information in a roster.

The judgement found that Starbucks had discriminated against Ms. Kumulchew. Her mistakes were due to her dyslexia, of which her employer was aware, but she was ordered to retrain and take on lesser duties. The ordeal greatly impacted Ms. Kumulchew’s well-being, even leading, according to the article, to suicidal thoughts. Hopefully Ms. Kumulchew’s case will lead to greater awareness of dyslexia in the workplace and encourage employers to provide dyslexic employees with appropriate support when needed. Read more.


Photo credit: the Italian voice via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: the Italian voice via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Education search engine Noodle.com aims to provide a vast amount of education information to parents and students. The site lists classes, colleges, and service providers (such as tutors), and also allows visitors to type in education-related questions. The visitor can then either submit the question to be answered or browse through related-questions from the site’s database that have already been answered by a Noodle employee.

Noodle also provides a library of articles that are very well worth a browse. Typing “dyslexia” into the site’s search box returns quite a list of titles all related to the learning difference.

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