Weekly Roundup: EdTech


When it comes to edtech, the buzzword coding shows up in article after article. The idea that learning to code is an integral part of education is just about as popular as the idea that this could provide equal job opportunities in computer science to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Coding ScreenshotIn an article in Atlantic Magazine, Melinda D. Anderson challenges this idea. Will the Push for Coding Lead to ‘Technical Ghettos’? posits that teaching minority students to code but not providing them with an extensive background in computational thinking will lead to those students occupying jobs on the bottom rungs of the tech ladder.

What do you think? Will coding alone allow for increased equal job opportunities across demographic sectors? Or could this backfire? Read more.


Looking for an overview of digital learning materials in developing countries? Many articles related to this topic have appeared on the World Bank Edutech blog. An extensive list of these articles is available here for quick browsing.

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