Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia


hands globeSpreading across the Internet this week was an interactive blog post created to try and replicate the experience of reading with dyslexia. Using JavaScript, a blogger caused the letters of a text to switch around and dance on the page. Comments from some dyslexics who discovered the post expressed appreciation that someone would try to understand their experience. The page was created after a friend of the author tried to describe to him what reading for her is like. Have a look and try to read the “jumping text” for yourself. Read more.


Digital education company TES hosts an online community of almost 8 million members and aims to provide resources to educators around the world. Teachers can sell and share original teaching materials on the site’s marketplace and use TES’s tool Blendspace to create lesson plans from those materials. A variety of categories and subjects are featured, including ones focused on learning differences. A search for dyslexia turns up plenty of materials aimed at teaching dyslexics. Members can rate and review the resources shared on the site.

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