Weekly Roundup: Edtech, Dyslexia

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Edtech for pre-schoolers? Sesame Workshop and IBM are teaming up to produce just that, as reported by TechCrunch. According the article, IBM and the non-profit behind Sesame Street are looking at what technologies could benefit the educational development of children before they start kindergarten. Read more.

In other news, read here how one dyslexic turned her struggles into entrepreneurship. Jamie Miller and her husband Payden co-founded their company Hidden Abilities to develop their new assistive technology, the “Read ‘n Style” pen, aimed at helping dyslexics.
Miller was inspired by her own history with learning disabilities to create the pen, which scans a text and then reads it out aloud, transmitting the sound to a Bluetooth earpiece. The technology would allow students with dyslexia to go through test material, for example, without having to leave the room to read the material aloud. Read more.


Mark your calendars now for Learning Ally’s online conference for educators and parents. Learning Ally is a “national non-profit dedicated to helping blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students succeed in education”, according to the organization’s website. The conference is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 9am – 5pm EST. Keep an eye on the non-profit’s website for upcoming details on the conference’s line-up.

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