Dyslexia: After the Diagnosis

dybuster guide after dyslexia diagnosis
Looking for guidance? Check out these resources for what to do after a dyslexia diagnosis.

If you or your child have just been diagnosed with dyslexia, the first question you might ask is: “So now what?”

We’ve put together a list of online resources that can help guide you through the post-diagnosis phase. Ready? Let’s start the journey:

Quick overview

If you need some quick guidance on what to expect and what steps to take, have a look this resource from UnderstoodMy Child Was Just Diagnosed With Dyslexia. Now What?

The article takes the reader through ten steps on what do after a child has been diagnosed with dyslexia. From exploring therapies to liaising with schools to how to talk to the child herself, the article provides concrete tips on these and more issues.

Your next steps

Written with the dyslexic individual in mind (rather than a parent of a dyslexic), this article from Dyslexia Action helps you take a look at your situation and offers ideas on how to move forward. The author proposes strategies for dyslexics at every educational level (primary school through university). Readers are encouraged to contact their assessors, schools, and support groups to find out what resources are available to them. Read more: I’ve been diagnosed, so what next?

Dos and Don’ts

Now this one is for parents: a list of what to do (and what not to do) after a child has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Written by educational therapist Lainie S. Donnell, the article from Expert Beacon both encourages parents and urges them to action: My child just received a diagnosis of dyslexia. Now what?

Detailed guidance

For a comprehensive guide on what to expect before, during, and after a dyslexia diagnosis, check out this great resource from Dyslexia Help at the University of Michigan. The article walks you through what a dyslexia evaluation may consist of and describes what may be in a diagnostic report. You will also find practical advice on what questions to ask after a diagnosis has been made. Read more: What to Expect in a Dyslexia Evaluation.

Over to you

Have you or your child recently been through the process of a dyslexia evaluation? What steps did you take after the diagnosis? Feel free to share your experiences with other readers in the comments.

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