Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia, Edtech

book with flipping pages dybuster


Non-profit Learning Ally surfaced in the news this week on abc.com with a story on Learning Ally’s audio book program. The books are used by dyslexic children to improve their reading skills. Children taking part in the Learning Ally program visited the non-profit in Princeton, New Jersey to see where the audio books are recorded and to experience the sound booth for themselves. Read more.

Across the ocean in Wales, learning center for dyslexic children Tomorrow’s Generation is partnering with researchers from Greece to develop a diagnostic procedure for dyslexia. Using eye tracking and statistics the scientists hope to be able to detect dyslexia in children at an early age and thereby also enable early intervention. Read more.


Check out our LinkedIn discussion group focusing on edtech and learning disabilities. The group is for networking and sharing of resources within the field of education technology and e-learning and is meant for educators, edtech professionals, parents, and anyone else interested in educational technology or learning differences. Visit the group here.

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