Our Top 5 Posts on Dyslexia

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For this week’s post, we went back into the blog archives to find our content on dyslexia that has proved most useful to our readers. We’d like to share these articles here as the ones that, going by popularity and response in the comments, resonate the most with our audience. Thank you for reading!

1. Searching for words: what to call dyslexia

This post provoked some interesting discussion in the comments section. We asked readers what they thought of referring to dyslexia as a learning disability vs. a learning difference.

This question was brought up in response to a comment left by a reader on one of our Facebook posts. We looked at how different dyslexics identify with different terms and what is the reasoning behind the labels. One of our most popular articles ever. Read more.

2. Early intervention for dyslexia

The earlier dyslexia is diagnosed, the sooner intervention can begin. This article looks at the research behind the widely-held view that early intervention is beneficial to dyslexics, while delaying intervention can have long-lasting repercussions. Read more.

3. Dyslexia: after the diagnosis

Whether or not a diagnosis comes early (see the post listed above), parents and dyslexics can often be left wondering: what next? This post puts together a list of online resources for first steps to take following a diagnosis. The resources can provide guidance and support during what is sometimes a difficult process. Read more.

4. Famous dyslexics: inspiration 

Ann Bancroft, explorer and dyslexic. Source: Wikicommons.
Ann Bancroft, explorer and dyslexic. Source: Wikicommons.

Dyslexia poses challenges to those who have it, but the many dyslexics throughout history who have accomplished great things can serve as role models to children and inspiration to adult dyslexics. This list of famous dyslexics is one of our most popular posts. Read more.

5. What age groups can benefit from Orthograph?

Finally, this post on Dybuster’s learning software for students with dyslexia is also among our most-visited articles. We are honored that readers are looking to us as a resource for dyslexia intervention. Read more.

Thank you for being a part of this blog!

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