Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia

mountain peak overcoming dyslexia


Two encouraging headlines popped up the news this week. Nicole Marlene Ruth Nonis, a 16 year old student from Singapore with dyslexia and ADHD, was featured in The New Paper for winning the Ace Teen Award. The article details Nonis’ struggles with her learning disorders and her academic and personal accomplishments despite these. Read more.

Another student, this time from Michigan, USA, was featured on 9and10news.com. The student, Laraiah Schichtel, is dyslexic and valedictorian of her high school in Lake City. Read more.

Congratulations to both students! They are an inspiration to dyslexics everywhere.


Speech-recognition software is used by some dyslexics for text dictation. For an overview of available software and the technology’s pros and cons, check out this guide from the British Dyslexia Association New Technologies Committee.

We put together a list of our top blog content focusing on dyslexia. These are the articles that have garnered the most views and response from our readers and are available to you here.

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