Weekly Roundup: Edtech, Dyslexia

weekly headlines on edtech, dyslexia, and dyscalculia from dybuster software


Last week we mentioned the EdSurge meetup in San Francisco, which focused on edtech and promoting equality in education. This week’s headline from the EdWeek blog touches both of those topics, in this article on teachers in high-poverty schools being likely to have less confidence using edtech. The findings are the results of a survey that included 700 teachers of similar demographics and experience levels. The only significant difference between groups of teachers reported was the level of poverty in the schools where they taught. The article raises the concern that this is another factor in creating a “digital divide” between well-off students and those who come from disadvanted backgrounds.

In further news, a Turkish university student has developed software to help dyslexic children with reading. The software, created by computer programming student Caner Yakupoğlu, is called Dyslexia Easy Reader and colors digital texts to make them easier for dyslexic children to read. Hurriyet Daily News has the full report.

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