Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia’s Public Image

This week several life-experiences linked to dyslexia have been circulating online.

The beloved American actor and author Henry Winkler has made it to the news again! The actor famous for being a dyslexia awareness campaigner read his newest “Here’s Hank: Always Watch Out for the Flying Potato Salad!”, a book series for children based on Winkler’s learning challenge due to dyslexia, to a group of children on Fox News. His book series approaches dyslexia with humour and helps to prevent stigma in the younger generation. The series also represents a consistent effort to motivate children living through similar experiences to read and identify themselves to the character named Hank.

The Scottish writer and parent Ela Lourenco has contributed to the Guardian Online by telling the story of her eldest daughter Larissa. Larissa is affected by a type of dyslexia named auditory processing disorder (APD), which makes processing auditory information, in particularly speech, more difficult. The article shows an amazing collaboration between daughter and mother trying to understand the problem and openly discussing how dyslexia affected Larissa’s reading abilities. The author also lists advice for parents that live through a similar situation with their children.

Reminder: You can look at the online resource to help you become aware of your child’s dyslexia/ dyscalculia released last week here!

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