Weekly roundup: UK- Additional Support and USA- Governmental Bill

One in four Scottish pupils require additional support

The Herald Scotland reports that according to the data collected by Scottish Children’s Services Coalition 25% of Scottish pupils of primary, secondary or special schools are in need of additional support. These 170’000 are affected by numerous learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, autism, language problems and others. The numbers of pupils rose up drastically in the last four years, however it is unclear if this is due to an increase of children affected by learning impairments or the stronger mediation of the learning disabilities in the media, leading to more parents to be able to detect disabilities themselves.

The SCSC highlighted that these numbers were announced while the number of teaching staff of the Additional Support Needs (ASN) has gone down by 10% since 2012. The association therefore urges the Scottish Government to allocate more funds to tackle this issue.

Nebraska is looking to improve the diagnosis of dyslexia through the introduction of a governmental bill

The NBC Nebraska reported that the Senator Patty Pansing Brooks has introduced a bill that, if accepted, will help to clear how dyslexia affects students and help to diagnose dyslexia early on. The Senator has a brother affected by dyslexia, who could not graduate from high-school because of his difficulties to read and write. This personal experience has sparked the Senator’s engagement to improve schooling experience for children having a disability and help them to improve their reading and writing skills while in education.

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