Weekly Roundup: Academic Teaching and Learning Styles

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Why Academic Teaching Doesn’t Help Kids Excel In Life

In this article published by the online magazine KQUED Shellie Wright, an English teacher, explains how she lost her belief in traditional methods of school education. According to Wright the academic school method does not prepare children for real life and confronts them with tasks they will not need to complete after graduating. Very little adults, for example, regularly write essays, even though it is a requirement in schools.

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Make Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia Testing Free on the NHS.

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An important step has been taken by British citizens who started a petition aiming to make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

Today a cost of such test costs around £500, which is not affordable for many British families. While schools may help with the costs of a test if they believe one is necessary, they are not obliged to do so. Therefore many young British children are not diagnosed at a young age, leading them to have difficulties while learning, feeling discouraged and in some cases being bullied by their classmates.

Diagnosing learning disabilities at an early age needs to be a national goal and would help many children and avoid mental health issues in the future.

If you are eligible, please don’t to forget to sign the petition here.

Weekly Roundup: Disabilities Should be Recognised as Early as Possible

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Disabilities should be recognised as early as possible

Several articles have been calling to implement procedures to recognise learning disorders from the earliest stage. In the Eastern Daily Press Brogan Quinn, 19, from Aylsham, wrote about his personal experience and the fact that his dyspraxia and dyscalculia were only diagnosed in the 6th form, leaving him without professional support beforehand, even though he could not understand time and do basic calculation. A second article from the news provider Stuff in New Zealand reported the Children’s Comissioner calling for a universal disability screening at the age of 5, when the children begin their school education.

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Weekly Roundup: UAE Dyslexic Pupils need more Support and Dyslexia in the Workplace

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United Arab Emirates: Dyslexic pupils need more support

Dyslexia affects children and adults all around the world, regardless of the language they speak. In this week’s news the expected closure of non-profit Taleem Centre for Training and Skills Development in Abu Dhabi has been brought to international attention. The centre is suffering from a severe lack of funding and its definitive closure would lower the quality of life of numerous pupils, as 10% of children suffer from reading disabilities in the United Arab Emirates.

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Weekly Roundup: More Help for USA Dyslexic Students, Free School bid in Kent, UK

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Assembly passes bill to help dyslexic students

The state of Virginia in the USA has just passed a bill to help dyslexic students in the local schools. The new legislation obliges schools to employ reading specialists that will help identify students with reading difficulties and support them throughout their school education. This positive approach to dyslexia might motivate children to continue learning and understand that their disability should not stop them from doing what they want.

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