Weekly Roundup: More Help for USA Dyslexic Students, Free School bid in Kent, UK

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Assembly passes bill to help dyslexic students

The state of Virginia in the USA has just passed a bill to help dyslexic students in the local schools. The new legislation obliges schools to employ reading specialists that will help identify students with reading difficulties and support them throughout their school education. This positive approach to dyslexia might motivate children to continue learning and understand that their disability should not stop them from doing what they want.

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Dyslexia Free School Bid, Kent, UK

Another positive initiative has been suggested by specialised teacher from Sevenoaks in Kent UK. This group of teacher focusing on children with reading disabilities such as dyslexia are proposing opening a school especially for the affected children. This initiative is a first for the West Kent region and could enhance the living quality of numerous families of the area if the project is taken to fulfilment.

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The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

The understanding of dyslexia by people who are not affected by it is an important step in tackling dyslexia and providing support for those who need it. The film “The Big Picture” came out a couple of years ago (in 2012) but still remains a powerful documentary putting the light onto people of different age groups affected by dyslexia. Not only it allows people who do not have dyslexia to understand the challenges of a dyslexic mind, but it is also beautifully filmed. An absolute must if you have not watched it already!

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