Weekly Roundup: Academic Teaching and Learning Styles

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Why Academic Teaching Doesn’t Help Kids Excel In Life

In this article published by the online magazine KQUED Shellie Wright, an English teacher, explains how she lost her belief in traditional methods of school education. According to Wright the academic school method does not prepare children for real life and confronts them with tasks they will not need to complete after graduating. Very little adults, for example, regularly write essays, even though it is a requirement in schools.

If we relate this opinion to the situation of children suffering from learning disabilities such as dyslexia, we clearly see that even though some found the school experience difficult and distressful, their difficulties at school did not hold them back from becoming successful (see here the previous article on Richard Branson). This confirms that our current schooling system discriminates between children who “got the system” or those who struggle because of the old fashion education approach.


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Eminent academics from worlds of neuroscience, education and psychology voice concerns over popularity of method

At the same time this week a group of leading academics from the fields of education and psychology have signed an open letter for the Guardian underscoring that there is no evidence that there are “learning styles” (i.e. some people being better at learning while listening) and that attempting to adapt to the pupil’s individual “learning style” would have negative effects on the ability of the students.

During the international Brain Awareness Week academics and scientists are looking to raise awareness about brain myths. While 85% of teachers still believe in the existence of learning styles, it is even more important for parents to be aware of the lack of scientific proof of this approach.

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