Weekly Roundup: Dysmusia

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Dysmusia – how dyslexic research and therapy can overcome difficulties in reading music notation

This week the news outlet The Strad presented a lesser known disability – dysmusia. Dr Elizabeth Morrow, a former professor of cello at the University of Texas, Arlington, has been involved in making learning music easier for people who have difficulties to read music. This problem seems to be common in classrooms, often leading children to drop out and abandon their interest for music. As a Certified Academic Language Therapist, Dr. Morrow was able to detect similarities with children with language disabilities, such as inconsistency, hesitation and lack of retention not being improved by standard teaching. Dr. Morrow conducted an informal surveys and, 96.5% of the 84 teachers said that they had an experience with a student who could not read music. 50% confirmed that some children have dropped out of their classes for this reason.

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Weekly Roundup: STEM Educational Game & Slow vs Fast Learning

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A game-based STEM startup is looking to motivate students with learning disabilities

“Embodied Games” is an educational start up that was launched in 2014 by Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, an ASU psychology research professor. Creating an immersive environment the game aims to increase young students interest in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths). Johnson-Glenberg who herself has moderate dyslexia believes that “ computers would be a great way to help people learn, and computers are so good at making the unseen seen.” As young people tend to be playing video games in their free times, the “Embodied Games” already existing ten games (and more to come!) offer a perfect opportunity to interest them in the STEM subjects. The virtual experiences created by the use of the Xbox Kinect sensors and virtual reality helmets allow students to experience some scientific theories in an immersive, helping them to learn through the use of their bodies.

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6 Tips to Make Maths Fun!

Most children find mathematics interesting and to encourage their interest is simpler than you think, as mathematics is a big part of everyday life. In this article we are offering you some ideas, how to create a playful link between mathematics and daily routine.

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Weekly Roundup: Deep Sleep & Speech Disorders

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A Closer Look At Deep Sleep

A new research recently completed by the University of York’s Sleep Language and Memory (SLAM) emphasises how the lack of deep sleep contributes to autism and several other disabilities, such as deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It stretches the importance of sufficient sleep, in particularly for young children, to help them to develop better speaking skills, getting enough sleep helps the brain to absorb new words in a “mental dictionary.”

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Weekly Roundup: What Students With Learning Differences Really Want Us to Know

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Top private school launches program catering to students with special needs

After four years of development, a private school in Bangkok, Thailand finally launches its special needs program for children with learning disabilities. The daughter of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya of Thailand has assisted the opening ceremony of the new curriculum. The program will start in August and 10 children will be the first to experience a specially designed educational curriculum. The goal of the school is to emphasise a qualitative rather then quantitative approach during the class titled “Intensive Learning Needs”, helping children to, if possible, tackle their disabilities before integrating them into normal classes.

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