Weekly Roundup: What Students With Learning Differences Really Want Us to Know

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Top private school launches program catering to students with special needs

After four years of development, a private school in Bangkok, Thailand finally launches its special needs program for children with learning disabilities. The daughter of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya of Thailand has assisted the opening ceremony of the new curriculum. The program will start in August and 10 children will be the first to experience a specially designed educational curriculum. The goal of the school is to emphasise a qualitative rather then quantitative approach during the class titled “Intensive Learning Needs”, helping children to, if possible, tackle their disabilities before integrating them into normal classes.

According to the Office of the Private Education Commission around 400’000 children in Thailand are in need of special programs. Thanks to this program Thailand will become the leader of special needs curricula in Asia.

What Students With Learning Differences Really Want Us to Know

This week the news outlet EdSurge published an interview with Ben Gurewitz, founder of Diverse Learners Coalition Gurewitz is currently a student at University of California and has been diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and slow processing disorder when was five years old. His personal experience has motivated him to speak out on behalf of students with disabilities at SXSWedu. He believes in the possibility offered by new technologies and software to help people affected by technology and remembers how buying a computer changed his student life. He advocates for a change or rather an update of the system of education to be more inclusive of students with learning disabilities. Gurewitz also strongly believes that it is necessary to involve students with disabilities in projects planning to help them in order to truly understand what does it mean to be affected and create a dialogue.

The website of Diverse Learners Coalition therefore invites people with disabilities to answer questions on their website.

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