Weekly Roundup: Deep Sleep & Speech Disorders

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A Closer Look At Deep Sleep

A new research recently completed by the University of York’s Sleep Language and Memory (SLAM) emphasises how the lack of deep sleep contributes to autism and several other disabilities, such as deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It stretches the importance of sufficient sleep, in particularly for young children, to help them to develop better speaking skills, getting enough sleep helps the brain to absorb new words in a “mental dictionary.”

The study also has found a positive aspect of sleep to the development of vocabulary skills. Children show important improvements in their vocabulary if parents read them bedtime stories. It would thus advisable for parents to spend some time with their child reading before sleeping.

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Are We Overlooking Speech Disorders?

An article in the Australian news outlet “The Age” brings to light the worrying statistic — every third preschool teacher overlooked a speech disorder called Speech Sound Disorder. This information has been discovered by a new study recently published in the Australasian Journal of Learning Difficulties.

Speech Sound Disorder usually affects young children and is defined by difficulty of hearing and understanding, leading to mispronunciation of sounds while speaking. This makes it hard to understand the child when she or he are talking. The SSD is a very common disorder, affecting around 13% of Australian school-aged children according to this research.

The Associate Professor Kay Margetts from the University of Melbourne raised worry about the little educative courses provided to teachers to improve their skills in identifying development difficulties.

So while it is important to listen to professional advices from teachers, if there are any doubts about your child’s speech and reading abilities, it may still be worth it consulting an independent specialist.

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