Weekly Roundup: STEM Educational Game & Slow vs Fast Learning

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A game-based STEM startup is looking to motivate students with learning disabilities

“Embodied Games” is an educational start up that was launched in 2014 by Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, an ASU psychology research professor. Creating an immersive environment the game aims to increase young students interest in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths). Johnson-Glenberg who herself has moderate dyslexia believes that “ computers would be a great way to help people learn, and computers are so good at making the unseen seen.” As young people tend to be playing video games in their free times, the “Embodied Games” already existing ten games (and more to come!) offer a perfect opportunity to interest them in the STEM subjects. The virtual experiences created by the use of the Xbox Kinect sensors and virtual reality helmets allow students to experience some scientific theories in an immersive, helping them to learn through the use of their bodies.

Due to the interactivity, these games could be a excellent tool for persons suffering of dyslexia or other learning disabilities, as they allow to approach scientific knowledge without need for numbers and letters.

Learn more here: https://www.embodied-games.com/

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Podcast about the slow vs fast education

The BBC podcast episode „Education Slow and Fast“ discusses the difference between slow and fast education, showing the advantages of slowing down while learning, as well as the positive sides of learning fast as in the educational system today.

Listen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08jb19k

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