Weekly Roundup: Parenting Dyslexia & Neurodiversity: The Gains for Employers

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Lessons in Life: Parenting Dyslexia

This week we had a wonderful guest author John Hicks from Sprint Plus a great resource for dyslexic readers and writers. His article covers his personal experience as a parent and his daughter’s struggles with reading, writing, the challenges of higher education and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it.

John has made it his personal crusade to help parents by providing a space for parents to ask advice and share tips and other information, which may help you and your child. You can find this community on Facebook called: Parenting Dyslexia.


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Dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia: the gains for employers

This week the article by Alicia Clegg from the Financial Times gained a lot of attention. The author claims that companies are turning neurodiversity to an advantage by harnessing skills of those with conditions.

Companies like P&G, Microsoft and SAP already have autism hiring programs. The results were positively impressive at P&G’s first trial, which motivated the company to offer an internship to an additional third candidate. While this is a positive outcome, the question remains: should work places be more inclusive and abandon special recruiting programs for people with learning difficulties to hire them directly?

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