Weekly Roundup: Conferences & Unidentified Dyslexia

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Upcoming Dyscalculia & EdTech Conferences of 2017

Last week Dybuster’s learning programs were discussed at the conference Les Recontres de l’Orme 2017, Frances national rendezvous for digital education and cultural actors: educational policy-makers, researchers, teachers, publishers and industrialists, local authorities and associations.

Upcoming this week is the ever-popular ATEC Conference showcasing excellence in assistive technology that removes barriers to learning and work. Aimed at disability professionals involved in post 16 education and the work place, ATEC is a one-day event that allows you to listen to and meet with experts, solution providers and other like-minded people.

See our full list of conferences here!

If you know of a conference that is missing from our list please do get in touch and we will happily add it!

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Unidentified Dyslexia Takes Heavy Toll

An article in Education Week came to our attention as it describes the dangers and the commonality of unidentified dyslexia. With their disabilities remaining undetected they are without effective support, which may mean they will never reach their full potential. In order to identify dyslexics, teachers have to know the clues. Dyslexics are slow and effortful readers, but they are often the students who demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of content or story. Overall, their weak mechanical skills shouldn’t be any indication of their intellectual abilities.

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Next Weeks events:

Dyslexia Scotland Branch Meeting – Angus, UK

6th June 2017 – 18:30 to 20:00

Dyslexia Scotland Branch Meeting – Edinburgh, UK

7th June 2017 – 19:00

GroOops Talk At The Minster Centre – London, UK

9th June 2017 – 19:00 to 21:00