Dybuster Celebrates its 10th Birthday!

lachende schulkinder vor der tafel

10 Successful Years of Helping Children With Learning Disabilities

On the 22nd May 2007 Dybuster, a spin-off from ETH Zurich, sent in the post its first 23 software packages. Since then the Dybuster programs have gained over 100,000 users, which is a monumental achievement from those first 23 packages! Dybuster is constantly researching and developing to offer better user experience for our costumers. With the update of our software on the cloud, you can be at the forefront of educational assistive technology. We are delighted to bring this technology to the needs of children, so they can overcome their learning difficulties with this little extra help.

After Dybuster released the initial software Orthograph for dyslexia, we published software for dyscalculia called Calcularis. Both of the programs have repeatedly demonstrated their efficiency in scientific studies worldwide. The programs contain personal support and individualised training, so they can automatically tailor itself to the level and needs of the users. This system of the individually tailored experience of the learning games has proven to be a success for the learners and a relief for the teachers. No wonder that Dybuster is used by hundreds of schools worldwide!

The reason why we at Dybuster wake up every morning is our passionate belief that we contribute to a more progressive society. We consider a holistic education as essential – as a life-accompanying development process, mentally, culturally, life-practical, personal and social.

The world’s most important cultural skills include reading, writing and maths. Insufficient reading, writing or mathematical skills deny access to good education and do not allow us to build trust in ourselves. Without education, we lack our own self-awareness. We are controlled from the outside, even manipulated and stand at the edge of society. This is why it is so important for us to invest in these basic pillars.

Because good education means …



If a person is optimally supported according to their possibilities and enjoys education, then the world is open to them. Developing one’s own personality and individual abilities, shaping one’s own future according to personal needs and reaching established goals – whoever can do that is in the privileged position to live and determine freely what to do in their life. Freedom will make you happy!



Education enables us to think independently and remain critical, to question things and to work for a good cause. Those who profit from education do not believe – but know. They can swim the mainstream, but know where and when the direction must be changed against the current. They are committed to democracy and their rights. Everyone should have this power!



Education creates understanding and tolerance. It allows a peaceful coexistence and cooperation by connecting people independently of skin, colour, and origin. It helps to transcend boundaries. Education helps raise awareness of the environment, commitment to sustainability, and care for future generations.


New Horizons

Education allows you to think about your boundaries, and gives you the power to extend your horizons, perspectives and dreams. Lifelong education keeps you young, fit and flexible. Education should never stop!  Our goal is to help every person, from a young age, become an autonomous, critical, self-confident and self-determined citizen. For this reason, we have been supporting children who need special help on the way to good education for 10 years.

We believe in it because we’ve experienced it: Dybuster.com


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