Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia-Global Resources & Handwriting

by EJ Hassenfratz

Dyscalculia Resources Around the World

A top post this week with global dyscalculia resources! It is always important to remember that this condition affects people around the world and information on dyscalculia may not be fully available in every language. In this article we list some top sites in various languages covering the subject of dyscalculia and difficulties with math in the hope that we will make it easier for this information to be found!

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7 Mighty Benefits of Writing by Hand

An article by treehugger.com gained our attention last week as it highlights the benefits of writing by hand. Assistive technology certainly has its place in the world but there are advantages to the physical act of cursive handwriting such as improvements in comprehension and encouragement of brain development. Most of all, the article claims that cursive handwriting may help people with dyslexia as you train yourself to write words in one flowing movement and can keep brains sharp in older age!

Did learning cursive help you with your dyslexia? Comment below and let us know!

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