Back to School Hints & Tips

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Millions of children are heading back to school, but what are they doing to prepare themselves for those first weeks back? We at Dybuster are here to help with a few hints and tips to get your child over the anxiety and back into the full swing of things.

Getting your child and even yourself back into a healthy sleeping pattern can be a nuisance, but ultimately it is worth it. Your child may have gotten used to staying up later and getting up later than usual, over the next week or two try gradually waking them up earlier and earlier until you are back to the regular time they got up for school. Also try giving them their own alarm clock they will enjoy the new responsibility and maybe even get you up! Changing their sleeping pattern bit by bit will ensure they will have enough energy and concentration to get                                                                                        through those first few days.

Thats right getting your child started on summer homework early will keep your child’s brain active, even creating some fun projects for them to do at home can be a great warm up e.g. doing the mathematical calculations in baking.




Keeping a family calendar is a great way to keep track of the family and to teach the kids how to keep organised and how to keep busy! Have them make a daily to do list, this will keep them engaged and they can never tell you that, ‘they’re bored and have nothing to do’, as long as there’s something on their list!



Setting new responsibilities for your child is important for their development, getting great marks in class is brilliant, but setting out incentives for household chores can help them be more independent. There is a rather great application called Our Home, which you as a parent can set out tasks to be done around the home and can set rewards for the child’s effort, it even comes with a family calendar so you can keep track of the whole family.


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