Weekly Roundup: Check out Calcularis & School Hints & Tips

Check out Calcularis, Software for Dyscalculia

Earlier this week we posted an introduction video to Dybuster’s Calcularis, software to help those with have difficulties in mathematics and are affected by dyscalculia. As you will in the introduction video there are tutorials built directly into the Calcularis software so the user can never feel lost and concentrate on the enjoyment of the learning games. Why not watch the video and see what you think? Even if you or your child doesn’t struggle with maths Calcularis is great for keeping your mathematical brain active and powerful, click here to try for free!

Back to School Hints & Tips

Yes we are on Instagram! If you like what you see give us a follow, we are currently posting hints and tips about going back to school and have a stream of dyslexia and dyscalculia facts for all to see! This post highlights the importance of doing that summer homework you forgot about and if you or your child didn’t have any…. Well set yourself some with tasks and goals to get your brain up and running before you’re back in the class.

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