Weekly Roundup: Sight Words & What Teachers Need To Know.

Dyslexia Fact J: Dyslexics Often Struggle To Read Small “Sight” Words Such As “that,” “an,” “in.” 

Our Instagram post ‘Dyslexia Fact J’ touched on the subject on sight words. Sight words are very common small words and they have unusual spelling patterns and so cannot be sounded out using basic phonic knowledge and cannot be represented using pictures. So sight words are tricky things for a dyslexic and its good for anyone to memorise them by sight and sound, this is a subject we will be going into more depth with in the near future!

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LISTEN: What Teachers Need To Know About Dyslexia And Supporting Dyslexic Students

This is an informative interview from Tes with the world-renowned expert on dyslexia Professor Margaret Snowling; in the interview she reveals how teachers can best support learners with dyslexia and uncovers some dyslexia myths. She also highlights the importance of early intervention, as it is really important to work on these problems as soon as they arise, not least because of the impact on self-esteem and academic self-concept. The full interview is available for free as a podcast and you can follow the link below to read more and listen to the podcast.

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