Weekly Roundup: Happy New Year & What Causes Dyscalculia?


Happy New Year From Dybuster!

I’m sure you are all ready to welcome in the New Year and have your resolutions lined up. At Dybuster we consider a holistic education as essential – as a life-accompanying development process, mentally, culturally, life-practical, personal and social. That is why we make the same resolution every year to keep contributing to the EdTech world and work towards a more progressive society after all the world’s most important cultural skills are reading, writing and maths.

Across the year reaching out to you, raising awareness of dyslexia and dyscalculia, collecting the best research possible and releasing it here on the Dybuster blog or on our dyscalculia blog.

What Causes Dyscalculia?

This article presents research into what causes dyscalculia and how our dyscalculaic brains process information differently. Dyscalculia still remains relatively unexplored especially compared to dyslexia (chronic difficulty in reading) or dysgraphia (difficulty in writing). As a child with dyscalculia may be otherwise bright and creative, teachers and parents may not understand where the problems in math are coming from. This can lead to additional pressure on the child, who is already struggling with numbers and the feelings of inferiority these struggles cause.

   Please click here to read on and find out the details of what causes dyscalculia.