Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia Financial Managment & Teaching

Financial Management for Seniors with Dyscalculia

This new post from our dyscalculia blog is a guideline to help seniors with dyscalculia or simply those who struggle with maths when managing their finances. As the article shows that there are a lot of new free tools and apps out there to help you breaking your finances down into simple steps. We hope that this will help you manage your money with ease.

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“More Awareness & Training needs to be Provided for Teachers…to aid them in Supporting Children with Dyscalculia”

This weeks popular repost from the Dyscalculia Blog was an interview with Natalie Kerslake, a teaching assistant who conducted her master’s degree research around dyscalculia. Natalie shared her thoughts on the importance of increasing school resources for dyscalculics and their teachers.

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