Websites Need To Be More Accessible

Access to information on the internet really can help improve the lives of people globally. Therefore assuring that your website is accessible for everyone is incredibly important. Of course, we can all wait for the multi-sensory internet of the future, but what can we do now to make our websites truly accessible?

At Dybuster, we have been aware that we have needed to improve the accessibility of our blogs for some time and have done some research on the best ways to make a website fully accessible. WordPress offers several plugins that certainly improve the readability of the website, but most of them do not provide an audio option. A plugin called Browsealoud can read out text on your blogs and has all the options for enlarging font size and simplifying web pages, but this option comes with only a 30 day trail. There is good news, however, as Browsealoud can be added to your browser at home for free to read any website or blog you wish. Having tried it out myself, I have found it very user-friendly and helpful.