Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia & The Brain

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Dyscalculia And The Brain

This article from the Dyscalculia Blog is a guest post from PD Dr. Karin Kucian, associate professor at the Centre for MR-Research of the University Children’s Hospital of Zurich. Dr. Kucian explores changes in brain function and brain anatomy, how these relate to developmental dyscalculia and what new knowledge has arisen from this research.

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Could #Dyscalculia Diagnosis One Day Begin With A Brain Scan?

We went a bit speculative last Friday with a question sent across our social media and asked: ‘Could #Dyscalculia Diagnosis One Day Begin With A Brain Scan?’ The main response was: ‘Wouldn’t that be nice!’

Unfortunately, brain scans cannot be used yet to ‘prove’ that a child has dyslexia. The same is true for other learning and attention issues, such as ADHD. Every brain differs anatomically and functionally and these kinds of variations are still not fully understood by scientists. For this reason establishing patterns related to disabilities is not yet possible, meaning that a scan cannot be used for diagnostics.