Weekly Roundup: Inclusive Classrooms & Democratising Science

What Does An Inclusive Classroom Really Look Like?

This article by TES is about making learning accessible to all students with simple basic adjustments that will make your classrooms more inclusive. The tips in this article are clear and simple to do. It is broken down into sections such as: materials, environment, communication and equipment. I highly recommend this a quick read to help you create a more inclusive learning space.

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Democratising Science: Researchers Make Neuroscience Experiments Easier To Share, Reproduce

The sharing of research data is an incredibly important factor in the advancement of our understanding of the human brain. This new sharing of data will of course benefit research into dyslexia, dyscalculia and many other learning differences and difficulties. Neuroscience is highly complex and its great to see a new research data as we work together towards a better understanding of the human brain.

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