Weekly Roundup: Dybuster Calcularis & Dyscalculia

Have you tried Dybuster’s Calcularis?

Last week we shared on social media the introduction video to Dybuster’s Calcularis, it was so popular that it’s here again in the weekly roundup! Calcularis is Dybuster’s mathematics learning software developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and computer scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Promoting the development and coordination of areas of the brain responsible for processing numbers, amounts and mathematical tasks and can be used from the first year of school up to adulthood.

Signs & Symptoms of Dyscalculia

Knowing the signs and symptoms of dyscalculia is very important. Just like with dyslexia the sooner you identify the learning difficulty, the sooner it can be treated using specific educational approaches and techniques.

Discover the signs & symptoms of dyscalculia here.