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Webinar: Teaching and Managing children and young people with ADHD by Fin O’Regan

July 9th @ 7:30 pm8:30 pm

What will be covered?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is term used to describe a spectrum of learning and behaviour differences.

One teacher recently said with regards to a student with ADHD that “he is like a computer without a printer attached. He knows exactly what the answer is in his brain but he cannot give me the hard copy i.e. the answer on paper”.

The content will include

  • What are the symptoms, causes, prevalence and diagnosis
  • Introducing Educational, Behavioural, Socialisation and Medication options for Management
  • Home school collaboration and communication

The Presenter

Fin O’Regan MA, PGCE BSc

He is currently a Behaviour and Learning Consultant and Trainer for a number of educational and commercial organisations both nationally and internationally.

He was the Headteacher of the Centre Academy from 1996 -2002, which was the first specialist school in the UK for students between the ages of 7-19 specialising issues related to ADHD, ASD and ODD.

He is an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, the Institute of Education, the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre and former Vice Chairman of the UK ADHD Network and of the European ADHD Alliance.

He has written a number of books and published articles on the subject of ADHD, Behaviour and Learning issues.

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Pro-active Strategies for Managing Behaviour

July 12th @ 9:30 am1:00 pm

Pro-Active Strategies for Managing Behaviour

This workshop is for interested parents and other interested parties, teachers and teaching assistants.


  • 9.30am-10.30am An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, ABA and CABAS®
  • 10.30am-11.00am Tour of the school providing an opportunity to see ABA in practice
  • 11.00am-11.15am Break
  • 11.15am-11.30am Reinforcement
  • 11.30am-12.30pm The Function of Behaviour & the Application of Relevant Tactics
  • 12.30pm-1.00pm Final Questions

Hosted by:  Aisling Collins, Lead Teacher at Jigsaw CABAS® School

Venue:  Jigsaw School

For all booking information, please call our Administration Office at Jigsaw on 01483 273874 or email on

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