Weekly Roundup: The Wonders of Nature & Famous Dyscalculics

“The Wonders of Nature” – How Nature Strengthens our Well-being and Provides our Brains with the Necessary Rest

A new post this week is all about the incredible benefits a trip into nature can have on our bodies and our brains. Not only is it a place of tranquillity that provides us the necessary rest from our busy city lives; it also gives space for those that have the added stress from a learning difficulty or ADHD. In this article we list these benefits and share with you how one person with ADHD found a way to use nature to train his brain and control his sensory stress and attention.

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Dyscalculics: The Famous, The Successful, The Inspiring

A recently published online article listed the ‘top five things you don’t know about Cher’. Of course we already knew that she is dyslexic, what they failed to have in that list is that she also has dyscalculia! If you would like to read our post on other famous and successful people with dyslcalculia click here.