Calcularis Discovery Licence

Get to know us! Dybuster just launched the Discovery Licence so you can try out Dybuster’s learning software Calcularis. Only £29 for three months!

Calcularis promotes development and interaction between different brain areas, such as the ones processing numbers, quantities, and mathematical problems. Aiming to reduce math anxiety, the software makes numbers a more enjoyable part of everyday life.

Here is a review of one of our users:

“Now that my daughter is using Calcularis, she is willing to sit for 20 minutes and practice her math skills without my support! In the past, she would become teary or freeze and it was difficult to get her to attend to the task because she didn’t understand and her math phobia is extreme. She would actively avoid looking at numbers. Now she actually wants to do Calcularis independently, even when she struggles, and she doesn’t complain about having to do it! I cannot overestimate how much that means as a parent of a dyslexic and dyscalculic child.”

Keep up the good work!

Mother of an 11 year old with dyslexia and dyscalculia.”

Why not try something new to tackle your learning difficulty? Calcularis is a good start to feel more confident and comfortable with numbers. And it’s fun too!