To support schools and their pupils during the worrying times of the coronavirus pandemic, we have extended our offer of the Combo School licence with the multi-sensory learning programs Orthograph (spelling) and Calcularis (mathematics) for free.

This means that up to 500 of your pupils* will have access to our browser-based learning programs until December 31st, 2020.

We are committed to providing educational access to our learning programmes for all schools, thus enabling “digital learning” for all children whether they are shielding at home or back in school.

Next steps:

  1. Order Combo School
  2. Create classes after receiving the confirmation e-mail
  3. Create user accounts for teachers and students
  4. Familiarise all teachers with the learning programs (Instruction manuals)

Order now for free

Please follow your countries link below and enter your school’s details and get free access to our learning programs instantly!

“Digital learning”

As soon as your students receive the login details to their user account for our learning programs, they can start practising spelling and math with Orthograph and Calcularis at home and in school.

Introduction and support
Orthograph & Calcularis

The instruction manuals below will guide you on how to create digital classrooms, user accounts (teachers and students) and use the software. They show you step by step the creation process and explain how to use Dybuster Coach, which provides teachers with insights into the learning progress of their students.

“Keep Spelling”

Your students can work on one module after another in the basic vocabulary section part of the guided training. As the teacher, you can decide which module the child starts with and Dybuster Coach gives them an insight into the work they do at home and in the classroom.

Intro Video Orthograph

Master numbers and quantities

Calcularis is a guided training that trains the number range from 0 – 1’000 (addition/subtraction and multiplication/division).

Your students can work independently from home and you have insight into the work done in Dybuster Coach.

Intro Video Calcularis

We hope to be able to support you and your students during this unpleasant time and that you all stay in good health!

Your Team Dybuster.


  1. I teach severely disabled students at a very low level academically. Could you send me a sample of what this looks like online?

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