Future Career Paths That People With Dyslexia May Enjoy

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Between 5% and 10% of people in the world live with dyslexia – which equates to around 700 million potential or current employees across the globe. It is known that dyslexics often excel in particular areas – including visualizing, inventing, creating and communicating – as reported by Dyslexia Unwrapped (Scotland). World events, economic shifts, and advances in technology mean that a plethora of exciting career opportunities are opening up in various sectors. These opportunities require the skills that many dyslexic people possess. If you are one of them, you might decide that a career in one of these sectors is right for you.

Marketing Specialists

Business Insider defines the role of a marketing specialist as one of the professions that is more likely to pay well between 2019 and 2029. Digitalization has plenty to do with this phenomenon. McKinsey Digital reports that the rapid migration to digital technologies in 2020 will continue into the recovery period since the vast majority of companies have “vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of weeks.” Business seeking to succeed against competitors will need savvy marketing specialists in command of SEO, analytics, AI, and more. Dyslexics with a penchant for communication may enjoy the challenge of having to communicate brand values via a variety of channels.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain and logistics sector are booming, with the global logistics market expected to rise to USD $15 trillion by 2023. Dyslexics who enjoy both creative challenges and communicating with team members could consider a future in supply chain management. Just a few duties involved in this profession include finding creative solutions to supply challenges, designing new ways to optimize the efficiency of supply chains, training teams, collaborating with various teams within the same company, and building relationships with company heads and vendors. Dyslexics may enjoy the variety and social nature of this job, which suits both reflective and active thinkers.

Creative Directors

Aspects such as the design of a company’s website and social media presence are complex, vital tasks that top companies invest in as a way to excel at SEO and appeal to wider target markets. Companies wishing to stand out in their sector will require creative directors that are in charge of everything from branding to advertising. The Advertising Pays report shows that almost two-thirds of UK ad expenditure is on online ads, and small and medium-sized businesses are advertising more than ever as a way to drive economic growth. The look and feel of your advertising and communication materials are as important as your website and social platforms. Excelling in all available media requires a leader with a creative eye and an ability to identify trends and shifts in customer values early. People with dyslexia who have always wanted to dedicate their day to creating and strengthening brands while working alongside other talented creatives will thrive in a creative directorship role.

Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Research

Northeastern University defines a job in computer science and artificial intelligence research as one of the hottest careers in A.I. This job may appeal to dyslexics who enjoy dealing with data and coming up with innovative solutions to A.I. challenges. A.I. is a major boon for companies wishing to discover more about their customer’s preferences since this technology permits marketing and other teams to discover key information regarding anomalies in cybersecurity systems, logistics optimization, customer service personalization, and fraud detection in real-time.

People with dyslexia are often said to have specific skills – including communicative, creative and innovative ones. Those wishing to shine in their chosen profession while utilizing their abilities can consider careers in numerous fields – including marketing, supply chain management, creative direction, and computer science and A.I. There are, of course, countless more options in everything from the medical to the artistic sector, so if in doubt as to which profession to pick, take a look at skill requirements for new job postings, and think of which you would be most pleased to learn or perfect.

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