Weekly Roundup: Edtech, Dyslexia

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Last week we mentioned the EdSurge meetup in San Francisco, which focused on edtech and promoting equality in education. This week’s headline from the EdWeek blog touches both of those topics, in this article on teachers in high-poverty schools being likely to have less confidence using edtech. The findings are the results of a survey that included 700 teachers of similar demographics and experience levels.

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New Large-Scale Study Confirms Effectiveness of Calcularis

Calcularis, our software for dyscalculia, has been evaluated in smaller studies which clearly showed that the software was beneficial for increasing children’s proficiency in math. A large-scale study has now been completed in Germany with over one hundred children participating. The study looked at the software’s effects on students in general, rather than focusing on children with learning differences such as dyscalculia.

Child working with Dybuster software. Dybuster developed Calcularis, software for training math skills and to aid dyscalculics.

Child working with Dybuster software. Dybuster developed Calcularis, software for training math skills and to aid dyscalculics.

The results of the study determined that the software increased children’s mathematical abilities and were published on 2 June in Frontiers in Psychology.

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Weekly Roundup: Edtech, Dyslexia

weekly headlines and resources, edtech and dyscalculia, dybuster

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EdSurge hosted an edtech meetup in San Francisco last week where the main topic of discussion was how to promote equity in education.

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The Schools that use Dybuster Software: Fehraltdorf

We would like to introduce a few of the schools where teachers and students use our software for dyslexia and dyscalculia. Our first portrait is of the public school in Fehraltorf, Switzerland.

Fehraltdorf, public school in Switzerland that uses Orthograph and Calcularis.

Fehraltorf, public school in Switzerland that uses Orthograph and Calcularis.

Fehraltorf is a small town in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The public school is made up of a primary and secondary school.

Most classes are taught by grade and age level, but a few classes mix age levels together. Special education instruction is integrated into regular classroom instruction.

Each classroom is equipped with four computers. The school also has a computer room and twenty laptops for general use.

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Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia, Edtech

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Non-profit Learning Ally surfaced in the news this week on abc.com with a story on Learning Ally’s audio book program. The books are used by dyslexic children to improve their reading skills.

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Weekly Roundup: Edtech, Dyslexia

dybuster edtech dyslexia weekly roundup


Edtech for pre-schoolers? Sesame Workshop and IBM are teaming up to produce just that, as reported by TechCrunch.

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Educational Technology for Learning Disabilities: Dybuster LinkedIn Discussion Group

dybuster linkedin educational technology for learning disabilities

Looking for discussion and debate on educational topics? Like to keep up-to-date on educational technology? Or maybe you want to share your knowledge and experiences regarding learning differences?

We’ve launched a LinkedIn discussion group to addresses all of these needs and more. With new members added weekly, we hope the group will provide information and resources, professional networking, and food for thought.

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Weekly Roundup: Edtech

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TechCrunch featured an article last week focusing on technological trends in education. Written by Sean O’Connor of mentored.com, the article covers edtech across all of education, from pre-K through continuing education. This breadth of focus includes pointing the reader to specific apps for all levels of learning and companies that are changing the edtech landscape today. Read more.


Check out our list of top five resources from our regular edtech roundups: Top 5 edtech resources. We regularly browse available online resources for our readers interested in edtech and these are our top picks.

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Top 5 Edtech Resources

dybuster top five edtech resources

The roundup of our weekly edtech roundups! Below find our top picks for edtech online resources, listed across categories.


Tech Thursday, from Dyslexia Action. Edtech for dyslexics. This blog publishes how-to articles on using different technologies, all aimed at making life with dyslexia easier. You’ll find information on both assistive and mainstream technologies.


Looking for the latest educational apps and digital tools? educatorstechnology.com has you covered, with reviews and lists of resources for teachers.

World View

How is technology employed in education around the world? Visit the World Bank Edutech blog for the global picture on educational technologies. The blog is written by Michael Trucano, the World Bank’s Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist and Global Lead for Innovation in Education.


For browsing through the latest topics and trends in edtech, check out Edtech Magazine. The website will send you to one of its two sections according your choice of focus on higher education or K-12.

Giving Back

Finally, learn how to contribute to increasing literacy and furthering children’s education around the globe by visiting allchildrenreading.org. The foundation launches competitions and awards grants for innovative use of technology in education. Foundations, companies, and individuals are all invited to partner in these endeavours.

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Weekly Roundup: Edtech


wind turbineFor detailed guides on technological resources available to dyslexics, check out the Dyslexia Action blog Tech Thursday. Each week a new post dives into the use of a specific technology or features guidelines in optimizing use of those technologies. Recent posts include this one on how to format documents to make them easier for dyslexics to process. Advice covers the use of difference colors and image formatting.

The blog also reviews mainstream technologies such as the Kindle Fire and evaluates them for accessibility.

Tech Thursday publishes blog posts every second week according to the website, but recent posts have been appearing more frequently. To explore current and past articles, go the the blog website: www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/tech-thursday.

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