Weekly Roundup: Improving Lives & A Students View On Dyslexia

Improving Lives: Autism and learning difficulties

Last week we were in Manchester at Improving Lives: Autism and Learning Difficulties, a conference by Open Forum Events. It was a true eye-opener and gave a true understanding of current thinking on the topics from a huge list of expert speakers who have an incredible amount of first-hand experience and knowledge. Not only were there professionals at the event, but some amazing and inspiring success stories that showed us how it can be made possible and what needs to be done for a better future of neurodiversity.

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Weekly Roundup: Dyslexia Awareness Week & Dyscalculia Facts

Photo by Ben White

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017

This week was the UK’s Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017. It ran from last Monday 2nd October until today, Sunday 8th October 2017 with World Dyslexia Day on Thursday 5th October. The theme for the week was Positive about Dyslexia, it was great to see so much positivity spread over the internet as with such learning difficulties is all too easy to focus on the negatives. We saw the actor Charley Boorman share his refreshing personal experiences of dyslexia and how he believes in the truly positive aspects of the disability.


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Weekly Roundup: Top Events & How To Make Your Classroom Dyslexia Friendly

Top Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Events This Week!

There are so many exciting events coming up this week on our calendar and surely there are even more out there to be discovered! We list all the events we come across that relate to dyslexia and dyscalculia in the English language so we could have events listed anywhere in the world, so take a look maybe there is something happening near you…

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Weekly Roundup: Check out Calcularis & School Hints & Tips

Check out Calcularis, Software for Dyscalculia

Earlier this week we posted an introduction video to Dybuster’s Calcularis, software to help those with have difficulties in mathematics and are affected by dyscalculia. As you will in the introduction video there are tutorials built directly into the Calcularis software so the user can never feel lost and concentrate on the enjoyment of the learning games. Why not watch the video and see what you think? Even if you or your child doesn’t struggle with maths Calcularis is great for keeping your mathematical brain active and powerful, click here to try for free!

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Weekly Roundup: What is it like to be Dyslexic?, Learning takes Brain Acrobatics, Top Ten Resources for Teachers.

What is it like to be Dyslexic?

This is a fantastic exaggerated representation of what it is like to be dyslexic by Josh Penn – a dyslexic student of visual communication. The narrative-like video is intended to mediate the experience of being dyslexic to those that do not have Dyslexia.



Learning Takes Brain Acrobatics

This article cropped up in the midst of last week and really struck a cord with our followers. The article explains how the flexibility of our brains is very important for learning, health and our happiness. It covers how synapses form and strengthen, while others weaken, making way for new connections and how the brain takes in new information and holds onto it. There is still a lot more to discover on this subject as the research is just getting started, but the discoveries so far are pretty exciting and I’m sure there are a more to come! Read more here.

Photo by Megan Soule on Unsplash

Top 10 Best Back to School Resources for Teachers

Last week we compiled a list of the top 10 resources for teachers to help them bring more excitement to the first weeks back in school! We have scoured the Internet for these resources it includes websites such as tes.com and busyteacher.org, if you have any resources/websites you think should be added to the list please do get in touch and comment below.

Click here for top events this week!

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Weekly Roundup: Back to School Anxiety & This Weeks Events

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Beat the Back to School Anxiety!

It’s back to school season and at Dybuster we are doing what we can to help you and your children have the best start to the academic year! So our blog will be constantly updated over the next weeks with hints, tips and articles all about beginning school again and how to face this challenge. This first article covers some gentle steps to get your children into the grove of school again, such as adjusting their sleeping patterns and giving their brains a boost!

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Weekly Roundup: iPads and Tablets Affect Children & Helping Adults with Mathematical Learning Difficulties

Animation by Avi Ofer

How do iPads and Tablets Affect Children’s Development?

A new post from us this week on the subject of screens and the affect they could possibly have on children and future generations. With the smart phone only being 10 years old tracking and pin pointing the affects all of this incredibly recent and fast changing technology is astonishingly difficult and a lot of the studies state that their information is inconclusive and this complex affair needs further research.

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Weekly Roundup: Instagram Facts & ICT for Girls

Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Facts in Images

Recently on our Instagram page we have been posting weekly facts about dyslexia and dyscalculia to help spread awareness about both learning difficulties. With using bright and colourful designs and using the easy sharing of Instagram we hope it will create a further and wider understanding of this learning differences in the world. Take a look here.

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Weekly Roundup: All Children Reading & Neuromyths

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

All Children Reading: Literacy and EdTech

All Children Reading is a wonderful project promoting literacy in developing countries through technological innovation. The project was launched back in 2011 by USAID, World Vision and the Australian Government and has been making great strides in sourcing technology-based solutions to improve child literacy.

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Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia-Global Resources & Handwriting

by EJ Hassenfratz

Dyscalculia Resources Around the World

A top post this week with global dyscalculia resources! It is always important to remember that this condition affects people around the world and information on dyscalculia may not be fully available in every language. In this article we list some top sites in various languages covering the subject of dyscalculia and difficulties with math in the hope that we will make it easier for this information to be found!

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