Weekly Roundup: School Uses Dybuster Software With All Ages & Dyscalculia

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Emmen School Uses Dybuster Software With All Ages

This week we had a post about Emmen School in Switzerland, which has been using Dybuster software with students of all ages for some time now. This public school is a combined primary and secondary school so their students are from several age groups. The school is a key example of caring for the range of needs their students may have. In this article you will find out who uses Dybuster’s software and what benefits the students and teachers gained.

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Dyscalculia: After The Diagnosis

If you or your child have just been diagnosed with dyscalculia, the first question you might ask is: “So now what?”

We’ve put together a list of online resources that can help guide you through the post-diagnosis phase. Ready?

Let’s start the journey:

Quick overview

If you need some quick guidance on what to expect and what steps to take, have a look this resource from Understood: My Child Was Just Diagnosed With Dyscalculia Now What?

The article takes the reader through nine steps on what do after a child has been diagnosed with dyscalculia. From exploring therapies to liaising with schools, to how to talk to the child itself, the article provides concrete tips on these and more issues.

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Weekly Roundup: Dyscalculia And Diagnosis & Specialist Teachers

Do You Have Dyscalculia And How Do You Get A Diagnosis?

Discovering that you have a learning difficulty such as dyscalculia can be life changing. Imagine that you have struggled with maths all your life, believing that it is all down to you being unintelligent, which in turn made you loose confidence in yourself and perhaps was holding you back from your ambitions. What if this all was caused by a learning difficulty that you could’ve got help with? This is happening to a lot of adults, as awareness of dyscalculia is relatively new. If you have had difficulties with maths then this article may be for you as it gives advice on where and how to get a diagnosis.

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Weekly Roundup: Dybuster In Schools & Signs Of Dyslexia

Using Dybuster software in the classroom.

Using Dybuster software in the classroom.

The Schools That Use Dybuster Software: Fehraltdorf

This week we shared a post part of a series of articles written last year that covered some of the schools using our software. All of these schools use Calcularis and Orthograph to help their pupils to overcome their difficulties with numeracy and literacy, whether they have a learning disability or not. In this particular post we write about the school Fehraltdorf, Switzerland. The article tells you all about the school and how they have benefited from the software answering questions such as: how is the software used in the school? And Are teachers satisfied with Dybuster Orthograph and Calcularis?

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Greater Manchester Dyslexia Workshop

Last week we were part of a very exciting workshop in Manchester, hosted by Roger Broadbent from the Dyslexia Institute UK. The workshop was full of exciting ideas on how to help people who struggle with dyslexia in the Greater Manchester area and beyond. Dybuster was invited to the event to talk about our software Calcularis, software aimed at challenging the difficulties that come with dyscalculia and mathematical anxieties. We spoke about the lesser-known learning difficulty dyscalculia, the problems that come with it in everyday life and how Calcularis can be used to help overcome it.

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