Weekly Roundup: Conferences & Unidentified Dyslexia

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Upcoming Dyscalculia & EdTech Conferences of 2017

Last week Dybuster’s learning programs were discussed at the conference Les Recontres de l’Orme 2017, Frances national rendezvous for digital education and cultural actors: educational policy-makers, researchers, teachers, publishers and industrialists, local authorities and associations.

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Weekly Roundup: Top 5 Dyscalculia Posts & What Special Education Teachers Wish You Knew

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Our Top 5 Blog Posts on Dyscalculia

Earlier last week we scoured our blog posts on dyscalculia to find the most helpful posts for you, our readers! We shared our top 5 picks based on number of visits and what search terms led readers to a specific post, which tells us a bit about what information, you the reader is looking for!

The top 5 cover: helping adults with math difficulties, famous dyscalculics, what it is like to have dyscalculia, the secret behind Ikea’s furniture names and homeschooling and dyscalculia.

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Our Top 5 Blog Posts on Dyscalculia

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Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that causes those who have it to struggle with numbers and math.

Though gradually gaining in exposure, dyscalculia remains less well-known than dyslexia, a learning difference affecting the ability to map written to spoken language. Our blog aims to increase awareness of dyscalculia and point readers to further resources and information.

This week we have researched which of our blog posts on dyscalculia have proved most helpful to readers. We would like to share our top 5 picks based on number of visits and what search terms led readers to a specific post, which tells us a bit about what information the readers were looking for.

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Weekly Roundup: The Dyslexic Professor & How the Orthograph Learning Games Help you with Dyslexia?

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Going public as a dyslexic Professor

In this article from the Times Higher Education, Nigel Lockett speaks about having dyslexia as a professor and the struggles he overcame with his determination to be an academic. He points out the problem of labelling dyslexia as a disability when in fact he says that it is not a learning difficulty, rather a learning difference and how universities should focus less on what dyslexic people can’t do and more on what they can.

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Weekly Roundup: Parenting Dyslexia & Neurodiversity: The Gains for Employers

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Lessons in Life: Parenting Dyslexia

This week we had a wonderful guest author John Hicks from Sprint Plus a great resource for dyslexic readers and writers. His article covers his personal experience as a parent and his daughter’s struggles with reading, writing, the challenges of higher education and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it.

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